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AirSep® Freestyle® 5

The AirSep FreeStyle 5 provides up to 1000 mL of oxygen in a wearable portable oxygen concentrator. With settings 1-5, it has the capacity to treat a wide collection of patients with maximum ambulation, including higher pulse dose prescriptions. Early to mild stage COPD oxygen users can enjoy active lifestyles with the lightweight and durable AirSep FreeStyle 5.

Patients love the Airsep FreeStyle 5 because:

  • NEW and IMPROVED user-replaceable battery – swap battery packs on the go instead of waiting to re-charge an internal battery or having to add heavy external batteries.
  • NEW and IMPROVED longer battery life – now patients can stay active for up to 2 ½ hours with a single battery pack at setting 2
  • NEW and IMPROVED fresh color palette
  • A simple control panel with 1-touch operation making it easy to use
  • An easy to read battery gauge with lights for 25%-100% battery life notifications.
  • Works on AC power supply, and DC automotive power supply so you can take your portable oxygen concentrator anywhere and charge it.
  • FAA approved for use onboard commercial aircraft.

Clinicians love the AirSep FreeStyle because:

  • It’s light – encouraging easy ambulation for the patient.
  • Covers most pulse dose users allowing for ease of prescription writing.
  • CAIRE’s UltraSense Technology is the most sensitve breath detection on the market today
  • Up to 1000 mL/min of oxygen to treat higher flow patients
  • Bolus size automatically adjusts based on breath rate


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