High Flow Therapy Device – HFT500 – MEK

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Design for Mobility and Easy-Installation

3-in-1 device

HFT500 has all non-invasive mode: BiPAP(S/T), CPAP and HFNC. This powerful configuration enables HFT500 applicable
to almost all sub-acute disease patient on time.


Built in Oxygen Blender and Humidifier

HFT500 is designed for mobility with Built-In oxygen blender and Humidifier. This internal air source and humidifier provide air independently without central air systems and Humidity. Its compact and lightweight design gives you further  flexibility without compromising on places and quality of care.


4.3″ Color TFT Touch-screen display

HFT500 displays Flow, FiO2, PEEP, RR, SpO2, PR monitoring. HFT500 monitoring system is simple to administer and manage compared to other devices.

That doesn’t require intense monitoring and installing the monitoring system  separately.

Improve Patient’s Comfort and Safety


Reducing Work of Breathing
The features are designed to improve oxygenation and patient comfort with its fully cycled Pressure Assistant. It helps to
reduce Work of Breathing (W.O.B) and optimize patient comfort.

Refocus on Clinician’s Ease of Operation


One device for all applications

It is esstional to have a reliable device that is versatile, applicable to all level of patient acuity while meeting various
respiratory care requirements. Mekics makes respiratory care easier for patient by supporting a wide range of ventilation  therapies from High Flow Oxygen Therapy to Non-invasive ventilation. The patient can stay on the same ventilator as long  as respiratory upport is needed.

Essential Monitoring

It is essential to monitor patient’s vital information continuously for quality of respiratory care. Clinicians easily check the
essential vital information FiO2, RR, SPO2 by HFT500 ’s real time display and helps clinician to ensure that patient’s  interface is properly placed.


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