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SenTec Digital Monitoring System


Smart. Accurate. User Friendly.

  • Continuous real time monitoring of transcutaneous CO2 partial pressure, functional oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR)
  • Noninvasive
  • Suitable for adult and pediatric patients
  • Long lasting battery
  • Premium carry bag and accessories for therapy on the go
  • SymbioMed sleep technician will come to your place to set up the recorder.
  • Main value recorded: PaC02, SaO2 and Heart Rate.

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• The SenTec Digital Monitoring System consisted of SenTec Digital Monitor and sensors, disposable and accessories.
• There are two different types of sensors naming V-Sign Sensor 2 and OxiVent Sensor.
• V-Sign Sensor 2 provide PCO2, SpO2 PR, PI, and HP
• OxiVenT Sensor provide PCO2, PO2, PR, PI, and HP reading

Resmed by Symbiomed

  • Smart
    Stay connected to therapy. Alarm system equipped will alert caregiver when patient parameter is out of desired range. 
  • Trustable
    Transcutaneous reading provided by SDMS is proven to be closely correlated with reading taken from Blood Gas Analyzer report. 
  • User Friendly
    Easy and fast set up. SDMS able to record data from patients and minimizes blood drawing for ABG

SenTec Digital Monitorin System


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