Resmed by SymbiomedResmed by Symbiomed

ResMed Stellar™ 100

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  • Support invasive and non-invasive ventilation.
  • Suitable for adult and paediatric patients
  • Applicable in hospital or homecare use
  • Internal battery that last 2 hours
  • Convenient data storage
  • Optional integrated humidification
  • FAA approved


• Optional SpO2 and FiO2 monitoring and alarm
• Easy-to-use interface and intuitive navigation
• Oxyen delivery up to 30L/min
• Mask fit feature
• Remote alarm II and connectivity to central monitoring hospital system with dedicated cable
• The ResMed Leak Valve includes an anti-asphyxia valve, allowing safe use in adult or paediatric patients, with both cuffed or un-cuffed tracheotomies

Resmed by Symbiomed

  • Easy
    Real-time on-screen monitoring or remotely using EasyCare Tx software. 
  • Personalized
    – In-built Learn Circuit which at the push of a button evaluates and compensates for any resistance in the circuit.
    – Controllable rise and fall times optimise patient’s breathin workload, cofort and synchrony
    – Pre-set Pathology Defaults enable quicker and easier therapy initiation – allowing your care provider to fine-tune pressure settings required for you specifically
  • Proven
    ResMed’s unique blower, including the low-inertia motor and impeller, delivers higher performance than a conventional motor, in a quieter, more compact device.

Resmed Stellar 100


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